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Tapulla Released on Android Market

I've just released a new touch screen game on Android market and thought I'd do a quick spammy post here.

I dont really want to show up with a pic of the game on the front page. There are worthwhile posts there and this is a sort of advert to publicise the release of a commercial game. If I put in a pic it will shove everything down on the front page but I would have liked to put an image of the game running on here....

Tapulla… Continue

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Help needed - apk from source

Level Three

I've been working on a small touch screen game, written in Processing for Android which is now ready for release.

I intended launching it on the Android Market.

It has original music and a high score table.

Unfortunately the version of Processing I used was in beta and no longer generates an apk.

Can anyone explain how to use Ant or apkbuilder to generate a working apk from the source files?

The application runs on the… Continue

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Processing for Android

At last I have the birthday present of my dreams! My hubby got me an HTC Desire, (woohoo!) which arrived yesterday and I am in a right state of noobiness!

I couldnt send a music file to my sister using bluetooth but I havent read the whole manual yet.

Just in time for the object of my desire, Processing have done a beta release of an Android plug in. Although the export application tool isnt finished, you have access to an Android emulator and you have the option to use your android… Continue

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Changing Software to meet Copyright Law

I've been looking at copyright laws quite a lot this month and in the end I had to redesign the product so that it adhered to the copyright laws.

As a start up business there is no way I could afford a copyright lawyer and I have no inclination to provide a pirating service. The game I produce is not designed for a mass market and would be a one user product. Buying a copy of an MP3 for each product sold, would not have bothered my conscience very much as the artist would be getting a fee… Continue

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How do I Pay Copyright on Media in Programs

Hayley, one of my favourite neices got married recently and I attended the wedding. It was set in the beautiful Ardoe House. The song chosen for the wedding ceremony was Let there be Love by the incomparible Nat King Cole.

I wrote a Snap Game in Processing featuring the beatiful wedding photos and on completion of ten snaps an mp3 of the song plays and the lyrics and more photos of the wedding are displayed. The background colour was chosen to match the bridesmaids dresses and I am using… Continue

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SEO - Willie Wallace V The Turd Finder

I'm between projects at the moment and spending time between researching new tech and SEO for my main web site.

I've slightly improved search by adding heading titles etc but I haven't updated search maps or anything.

I think coders often find it hard to take a step back and look at things from a business perspective. Linked in have a lot of info on SEO etc and Ive been reading up on some of the best ways to increase ranking etc. Apparently one tried and tested way is to have links on… Continue

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Opening for Business

As a member of a company of one, it is hard to keep track of all the things that need doing to start a business online.

For the last few months I have been working on a new product called the "Snappy Birthday Game" . The game itself, is not cutting edge and the code is very simple, but it makes a good replacement for the usual birthday card and a copy can be sent to any email address. When the recipient completes 25 snaps they see the birthday message.

I have finally managed to get… Continue

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Processing Chunks all done

My Collaboration with the Open University Mass Writing Project has came to an end and I will sorely miss it! I ended up writing 3 chunks and programs for the book, which is about using the Processing IDE, to design graphical sketches as applications and applets.

My contributions were for chunks 16, 46 and 79.

Chunk 16 is a random pattern generator which is used to demonstrate how to program in Java/Processing using fundamental constructs such as arrays, case statements and… Continue

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Frilly Cogs

I've been working on the program for chunk 16 of the OU's book on creating graphics using 'Processing'. Processing allows artists to use the power of programming in 3D etc without having to delve in to physics and maths(not so much anyway).

Processing creates pde files which can be run from java jars or on a web page as a Java applet. Applications and Applets can be generated automatically from the IDE and this leaves you free to concentrate on the graphics.

Once you have your design… Continue

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Funky Chunk16 - version 2

I edited the code a bit and paid a little more attention to the maths ivvolved. The randomizer can no longer do 1000 patterns in a picture!

I improved some of the other functions too, but I'm not sure if the patterns generated are so good as the one with the 'wobbly' math functions.

These two links dont take you away from 38minutes and just start the funky chunk16 application…


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Processing Funky Chunk 16

I've been working with the 'Processing' environment to try to come up with an idea for my chunk of the book. Chunk 16 is intended to demonstrate looping and functions in Processing.

I cant believe how easy the "Processing" environment is to use! I wish it had a better name though. Processing sounds like some geeky thing involving maths, or something very technical.

I coded up a random pattern generator in an evening. I dread to think how… Continue

Added by Rosie Wood on December 3, 2008 at 16:00 — 1 Comment

Gulp - A trojan?

It can be very hard when you are in a team of one. Whatever problems come up there is nobody else to go to for help. You are it!

I've been coding this game on and off for nearly 4 years now. It started out in JBuilder 3.5 and Java 1.3 and has been designed in JDeveloper, Sun Studio, Eclipse and now finally Netbeans. It has had to be changed to work in each new Java versions. The worst part of Java is always the deployment step. Its ok making jars and exe s for small applications but when… Continue

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Mass Writing Record Attempt for Guinness Book of Records

I have been accepted as an author of an academic book. 'Wow', I thought, I could do that! Then on reading further found I would be one of quite a few other authors (85 to start with!).

The Open University, is attempting to enter the record books, with a mass writing campaign involving its many graduates, of which I am but one. Darrel Ince, Proffessor of Computing at the OU, is organising the attempt. The book will be about graphics in Java Programs, (Anyone who has seen my website:… Continue

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Thoughts on Program Start Up

How a program starts is the first impression a user gets of an application and in this respect, I think Solundria is failing miserably. The first thing the user sees is a tiny dialog ezplaining that the sound is loading.

After this they are shown a piece of text explaining the object of the game which accepts the name they will be known as. This dialog is necessary and does have a purpose.

It is the next screen that is causing me to think again on the game's introduction. The user is… Continue

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School For Startups

Joining online communities has always seemed a bit of a waste of time for me. You submit your personal details and then get inundated with spam, offering to sell you a host of services you would not touch with a barge pole.

I received an email from Scottish Games which led to an article on the school for start ups workshop and the 38Minutes web site.

Scottish Games

The 38Minutes web site was accepting members from… Continue

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